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Version 5.31

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Under 0.5 Goals !

But only if you accept my suggestions. You already know them:

You are betting the same amount of five soccer teams to win. Two of them are losing. The loss from each team must be added to the one-team bet for the next match. Or, in the case of a loss of only two teams, the amount of loss of one (first) team must only be added to the bet of another team to play in the future, and the loss amount of the second lost team should only be added to the the bet of one other (second) team that will play in the next moment. In general, for two losses, the losses must be spread in the future only on the bets of two other teams, not on more than two teams. After a lost bet, you bet up to 30% of the original value.

Good luck !

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Version 5.31 у меня  не открывается  (не запускается)... совсем...

такого еще ни разу не было

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