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  1. vshtip


    Is it possible to create bot for matchbook.com ? Can it work ?
  2. Yes, but two times when i Laying 4th FAV he won several consecutive times (7-8), and i lost my money. About a day and a half things were going well - on a profit, but then everything went wrong. That`s all. Maybe if we Lay 4th FAV, but on WIN market, things will be better, but the coefficient will be cosmic. I don`t no. At the moment Betfair are blocked for unknown period for Bulgaria. Bad work !
  3. Now i bet BACK in PLACE market for 3-rd favorite. I`m with betsender software, and balance is in profit . But there are some moments when greyhound not placed 8 -10 times. I bet with stake 0,02 euro.
  4. At the moment i test automaticaly BACK bet in Place market on 3-rd greyhond favorite for UK racing with Betsender software. My target profit is 0.02 euro. Things are going well for three hours. If things are good for 72 hours, I'll put this option on. I'll upload photos if I need it.
  5. OK ! That is correct. Then Lay 3-rd favorite in Place market. If we have 3 consecutive losses, the bot reset to the beginning amount. We can try. But one day i was see how the first favorite dog not ranked 8 times. I leave you at your discretion.
  6. Hi ! I suggest new very good working script variant. Lay 4-th greyhound favorite In UK greyhound Place market (not Win market )make Lay bet on 4-th dog by odds. If dog win (qualify), the loss amount is added to the next bet, and the Betfair coefficient being considered. So while the dog does not qualify, and our bet won.
  7. Hi ! Can we do the following: For in play: 1.In First Half Goals 0.5 we bet some stake for BACK on Over 0.5 goals when odd minimum reach 1.40 or 1.50 (around the first 5 minutes) and upwards. 2. If no goal scored first half, on Over 0.5 we do again BACK bet in halftime, with adding the loss from first half + 30% from initial bet size. Is this possible ?
  8. Under 0.5 Goals ! But only if you accept my suggestions. You already know them: You are betting the same amount of five soccer teams to win. Two of them are losing. The loss from each team must be added to the one-team bet for the next match. Or, in the case of a loss of only two teams, the amount of loss of one (first) team must only be added to the bet of another team to play in the future, and the loss amount of the second lost team should only be added to the the bet of one other (second) team that will play in the next moment. In general, for two losses, the losses must be spread in the future only on the bets of two other teams, not on more than two teams. After a lost bet, you bet up to 30% of the original value. Good luck !
  9. By the way in my parameters I went to profit and for two hours I am with 2 euros on top.
  10. OK! But have you a winning strategy ?
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