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  1. vshtip


    External Scripts can`t add modified "MyBot.dll" . This is a bug. On 5.29 .
  2. vshtip

    Version 5.30

    Please insert "Under 0.5 Goals" with losses bets !
  3. vshtip

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Thanks ! Be Happy !
  4. vshtip

    Merry Christmas - Feliz Natal!

    Thanks! Merry Christmas and good New Year too !
  5. Where is the explanation for this script - Over 0.5 ? I suggest that the code (C#) for all automatic bets be uploaded to a specific place to see the bet theory.
  6. where is the scripts template for 28 ?
  7. vshtip

    Christmas gift

    Good Luck ! betting-library_2.rar
  8. vshtip

    Christmas gift

    I offer free of charge to all different betting systems in two files. betting-library_1.rar
  9. Hi ! I would like to suggest that you consider the following: 1. - after we hung our chosen script to do so that he can remain docked there and after restart the computer; -in combination with the above or whatever, I suggest that all scripts have the ability to remember the losses (if any) even after we re-enter the computer. 2. Look also please this error in the picture - it happens during the betting after some time passes. Since you mention that you are entering automatic betting, I suggest you download the betsender software (betsender.com), which is free for a few days. Personally, I even bought it, but there is no live betting, which is a problem for me. Thanks
  10. vshtip

    Automation strategies

    Many thanks !
  11. vshtip

    Automation strategies

    So please explain to us how to modify the scripts yourself and make it possible ! Because obviously what we offer does not make it absolutely accurate and you do things as you find good.
  12. vshtip

    26.11.2018 - Version 5.24 - Under 05

    He come with Under 05, but not exactly as it was my proposal. There is only a limit of loss. Apparently one day we have to write it on our own. But this is also a step forward.
  13. vshtip

    Under 0.5

    Thanks !
  14. vshtip

    Under 0.5

    Furthermore, in the case of a loss of one match, then the loss must be calculated for one match only. In a loss of two matches, then the loss must be calculated only for the other two matches that are about to begin. The loss of one match should not be calculated for all subsequent matches starting at the same time.