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  1. Admin

    Version 5.30

    Hello. I was on a little vacation. Today I am back to work. Stop loss is a very complex element. I will try to do it as quickly as possible.
  2. Admin

    Stop loss

    Stop loss will be in next version.
  3. Admin

    New Test script libraries

    Did you use this library?
  4. An interesting strategy. I'll do it. But first, I implement stop loss
  5. Admin

    New projects don't appear in Botbeetle

    If you develop your own scripts, then in your project you can replace only the library botbeetle.types.dll Botbeetle.Types.dll
  6. Admin

    New projects don't appear in Botbeetle

    Only identical versions can connect. script 5.29 -> botbeetle 5.29 Botbeetle.Script.5.29.zip
  7. Admin

    How can I fix it?

    So that I can understand what could be the problem: If this happens, click "Details", copy the text from there and send it to me please.
  8. Admin

    Correct hedge

    I think, the bugs are fixed.
  9. Admin

    Correct hedge

    Try to find error
  10. Admin

    26.11.2018 - Version 5.24 - 4 examples

    Did but not completely The bet is calculated and is here. But there is no protection against re-bets.
  11. Admin

    Version 5.30

    Planned to improve: Stop loss
  12. Admin

    Version 5.30

    Planned to improve: Rebuild window of tennis scheduler Add API for tennis scripts
  13. Admin

    No Add Script 5.29

  14. Admin

    Ladder suggestions

    Поправил в 5.29
  15. Admin

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    All users can create a free Token. Attention! Token takes effect from the moment it is created. Do not create a key if you still have the current one. After the end of the subscription create a gift Token.