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  1. Admin

    Money matched

    Set 12 columns (1) and you will see money matched. I try to display it for 10 columns in next update.
  2. Admin


    Прошу прощения, что отсутствовал некоторое время. Почти все что здесь описано можно сделать или поправить. Возвращаюсь к разработке программы. По мере выполнения, буду отписываться.
  3. Within 20 minutes, there may be another year.
  4. Admin

    Cashout problem

    Don't understand the problem. for example, (1) made a bet, (2) press the cashout, (3) fractional rate 4.12 is formed - and this price can be changed
  5. Admin


    Спасибо, загрузите картинки, отдельно каждую. В таком размере невозможно увеличить и прочитать надписи
  6. В 5.41 сделаю
  7. Press on this button (1) Red line (2) indicates training mode: But do not use this mode for a long time (week). Betfire may block your account if you receive data for a long time and do not bid
  8. Betfair has imposed restrictions on the use of old security protocols. At the moment, the program can only be used in Windows 10 Given the end of support for the Windows 7 system by Microsoft, I recommend everyone to switch to Windows 10
  9. These checkboxes exist only for visual indication of the choice made, in order to understand what the script has chosen. You can use the general checkbox to indicate For example, like this: For selected markets, set this property to true. The selection will be displayed here:
  10. I am wrote about it here: For using your library, copy the file (Botbeetle.Types.dll) to the executable file folder.
  11. Admin


    If you want to always show 'Green' (Cash Out), then turn on here
  12. Admin


    Total profit/loss for markets display here.
  13. After activating the subscription, you can use any version
  14. Admin


    Нужно писать в службу поддержки, обычно такое ограничение бетфаир вводит если долго получать данные без выполнения ставок.
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