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  1. 7. Tennis Added a separate sound when changing the set
  2. 6. Schedules When changing the font size, the information may not fit in the cells. You can change the width of the columns. Turn on the header display Use the mouse to increase the width After changing the width, hide the title. Width will be saved You can also change the height of the lines. Changing the height of the lines is applied after closing / opening the window.
  3. 5. Font You can select the font of the program To change the font, enable the use of a custom font. Сhoose a font Font applies to all windows.
  4. 4. Table size You can change the size of the table cell You can increase the width and height of the cell
  5. 3. Charts If you hover the mouse over a button, it will display a graphic on the right, which will disappear when the mouse leaves the button. If you click on the button, a window will appear on the left, it will not close automatically. You can change the size of the graph. The graph window remembers the size and the next time you hover over the button, a window of the specified size will appear
  6. 2. Automatic scroll Automatic scrolling is enabled here. It is enabled by default, but if you manually moved the slider or twisted the mouse wheel, it turns off. You can enable it again quickly using the right mouse button and the context menu.
  7. 1. The maximum price in the Ladder. If you never bet higher than, for example, a price of 5.0, you can limit the number of lines in the stairs.
  8. Improved: Made almost complete translation into Russian Settings added Fixed: chart display errors
  9. In week commencing 28th October Betfair will be deprecating support for specific TLS ciphers. Disabling support for these TLS ciphers means that Betfair customers using the below browsers/operating system and language versions will no longer be able to log-in using the Betfair website or API (i.e. via identitysso.betfair.com) • Android 2.3.7 • Android 4.0.4 • Android 4.1.1 • Android 4.2.2 • Android 4.3 • Baidu Jan 2015 • IE 6 / XP • IE 7 / Vista • IE 8 / XP • IE 8-10 / Win 7 • IE 10 / Win Phone 8.0 • Safari 5.1.9 / OS X 10.6.8 • Safari 6.0.4 / OS X 10.8.4 • Java 6u45 • Java 7u25 • OpenSSL 0.9.8y
  10. What is it means? There are no statistics on previous matches in the program
  11. Настроить - нет, но можно добавить такой функционал в следующее обновление. Звуковой сигнал на момент смены счета сета.
  12. No, because there is no way to get a live score for hockey
  13. Admin

    API Failure

    The program does not start because Betfair API does not work https://status.developer.betfair.com//
  14. Странно у меня ошибка не повторяется, SSOID находится в Cookes, интерфейс у каждого браузера свой, это для хрома
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