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    Planned to improve: Rebuild window of tennis scheduler Add API for tennis scripts
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    First, happy new year! and congratulations for this great job! This is my idea: [Conditions of selection] -Balanced matches (home and away > 2.30) -Line Over 2.5 < 2.10 (discard matches with tendence very under) (implement Api.soccer.selectEventbyLineGoal method) [Conditions of enter] - over 1.5@2 at min 75 and over 2.5 at min 65@5 - Total goals, equal 1. (the team that loses must attack and the one who wins can score the second on the counterattack) Thanks!
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    Dear friends! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wish you in the new year happiness and good luck and prosperity. Accept a gift from me - the Month of free use of the program.
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    All users can create a free Token. Attention! Token takes effect from the moment it is created. Do not create a key if you still have the current one. After the end of the subscription create a gift Token.
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    2.3. We work with selected lines. (3) Get a list of selected Runners (3.1) Check whether there is protection on the line (3.2) Check market status (3.3) Check if the price is in the specified interval. (3.4) We get the size of the bet as a percentage of the balance (3.5) We establish protection from the repeated bet (3.6) Make a bet
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    2.2 We work with selected events: (2.1) check if there is score in the event (2.2) we get the total number of goals. We are only interested in matches where the score is zero (2.3) Check the match time. It should be more than set in setting. (2.4) If the event is not yet expanded, expand (2.5) and requesting only 'over_under_05' market (2.6) from the event (ev) we get only the market 'Over_Under_05' (2.7) Check the market status. If it is closed, collapse the event. If it is open, (2.9) mark the Runner 'Over' as selected.
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    2. Script execution 2.1 Event selection
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    1.4. Conditions of Enter You can set the interval in which the bet will be made, as well as set the time of the match
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    1.3. Condition of selection Standard market selection through a favorite.
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    1. Script Parameters 1.1. Name ... 1.2. Order settings You can choose the size of the bet, price and side. The price of the bet is better to set less than the current price so that the bet is accepted.
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    Corrections in the system of calculating the bets of "Green".