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  1. Yesterday
  2. Fixed: Filter window error Scheduler windows errors
  3. Hi, I was trying to update to version 5.41, to see the charts, but... I have Windows 7 x64 and BotBeetle 5.40 Thanks a lot
  4. Last week
  5. В окнах расписаний проблемы с выставлением ставок, правлю, сегодня обновления не будет, не успеваю. Возможно, завтра.
  6. Поправил, завтра обновление.
  7. На версии 5.4 фильтр работает без проблем.
  8. Добрый вечер. Хотелось бы узнать у меня одного такой прикол - или у всех? Скачал, распаковал новую версию, запустил. При попытке открыть фильтр спортивных видов спорта, с последующим фильтров нужных мне рынков - получаю белое чистое окно. Уважаемый разработчик - если не трудно, укажите в чем может быть у меня проблема? Заранее спасибо за помощь.
  9. Dmachine


    Восстановлена работа графиков betfair - нужно скачать новую версию 5.41 на http://www.botbeetle.com/
  10. Setting on / off automatic opening of betfire charts is set for each type of windows separately. By default, it is Off for schedule windows, On for others.
  11. Improved: Increased the speed of updating data in the schedule windows; Added a setting to enable / disable automatic opening of betfire charts. Fixed: The work of betfair charts has been restored
  12. Earlier
  13. Dmachine


    биржа изменила что то у себя - Автор работает по вопросу отображения графиков!
  14. Vlad2020


    Hello. I have a question: how to enable graphics. The Graphics button is on, but they are not displayed in Ladder mode.
  15. unfortunately in Italy it cannot be used
  16. I'm going to choose another program (Geekstoy) and that's it...
  17. I have the same problem. I reported it, but it wasn't fixed. I believe there are many of us with the same problem. Due to this problem the program cannot be used well Even if it doesn't always But it happens often
  18. please solve this problem ... with geeks toy and bet angel I don't have this problem ... please help me!
  19. This is still happening? I´m facing the same problem in one of my computers. In the others, everything is all right.
  20. Povilas


    Exchange Stream API Release - Connection Throttling - 26th February 13-02-2020, 11:46 AM To improve performance and stability we are introducing Exchange Stream API connection throttling as part of a release on the 26th February The changes in this release are to protect our systems against excessive or improper use and will have no impact on customers who are managing their Stream API connections correctly. Please Note: If you would have been impacted by this change based on your Stream API usage over the last 3 weeks we’ll inform you directly in a separate communication so you can make the required changes before the release. Following this release any excessive connection requests will return the below error during authentication: TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Failure code returned when a client makes too many requests within a short time period The MAX_CONNECTION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED will continue to be returned during normal usage (i.e. if you attempt to create more connections than the available limit before closing existing connections). New Status / StatusMessage Field To help with connection management, in this release we will also add a new field, connectionsAvailable, to the StatusMessage returned from authentication requests. This field tells you how many new streaming connections you are able to open at this moment in time. If you adhere to this you should avoid TOO_MANY_REQUESTS and MAX_CONNECTION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED errors. The new throttling behavior and connectionsAvailable field will be in the Stream API integration environment (stream-api-integration.betfair.com) from Monday 17th February. Betfair Developer Program Last edited by BetfairDeveloperProgram; 25-02-2020, 03:20 PM. Reason: Release date updated to 26th February Tags: None Admin я спрашиваю, сколько 1-2-3-4? Stream API connections?
  21. Também já fiz essa solicitação e até agora nenhuma informação.
  22. Boa noite ! já faz dias que o gráfico de preço do meu botbeetle fica e branco e não mostra a movimentação das odds. Já desinstalei e instalei novamente mas não resolveu. O que devo fazer?
  23. Edmilson Junior


    Graphs of the markets are no longer appearing, there is a forecast for the solution of this problem.
  24. Neidelu

    Gráfico do preço

    Há dias o gráfio de preço do meu botbeetle não aparece só fica a janela em branco. Já desinstalei e instalei e o problema continua. Será que alguém teve o mesmo problema para me ajudar? Desde já agradeço a atenção de todos.
  25. MixHobre

    Small break

    Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes. PS: How are you? I am from France :)
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