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  2. 1. Place a bet on the draw at the beginning of the game as the game starts at 0-0 and then cash out after around 15 minutes. Options to change the cash out time but 15 mins is about the right time. This should make you about 10-15% profit if there are no goals scored. If there is a goal before the cash out time then have an option to cash out for the loss or leave the bet until there is a positive return then cash out. Next one. 2. Place a bet at around 80 minutes on the result (@80mins), the home side is winning then bet on them, if the away side is winning then bet on them and obviously if the teams are drawing then bet on the draw. At this point if any team are winning by more than one goal then the bet isn't viable, there could be an option at this point to have a minimum odds option so that if the home side favourite is losing the odds may not be worth betting on and would probably be not worthwhile. Also sometimes there are red cards involved in the decision and if the winning side are down to 10 men then this may influence whether a bet is placed or not. Hopefully Andrey, you could create this script for me and others to test and share. Many thanks, Ian.
  3. I second that is it possible to add external libraries so you and make requests to other API's for data?
  4. Dear Admin, Is there a location on the Forum which provides information on how to start developing external scripts and how to incorporate them into the BotBeetle .exe and include the .dll within the project. I am struggling to understand how to alter the test scripts that you have developed and include these within a new compilation. If you have more detailed documentation I would welcome reading it. Many thanks, Ian.
  5. Povilas

    Dark mode

    Maybe it's time to make a switch Dark mode ?
  6. Hello. Betfair is also blocked government of Lithuanian.
  7. Outer Bets Panel works, but ladder still does not show bets or Greening
  8. Admin

    Errors 5.50

    I think, the bug of the Outer Bets Panel is fixed, try 5.51, please
  9. Jurisdição Global Betfair.com .
  10. Depois da atualizção esse erro corre em entradas com valor menor qu 10 Reais. tanto em Back como em Lay. utilizo outro software na mesma maquina em que esse erro não acontece.
  11. Thanks. I tried to reproduce the Unhandled Exception problem today, but could not - opening and closing the Bets Panel several times worked fine. However, when I placed a Back bid on the ladder (price column, not Greening column) the program crashed again. I checked the log afterwards - there were no errors logged. I'll keep trying to reproduce the crash. I'm using the Zip version of 5.50
  12. Admin

    Errors 5.50

    Thanks for pointing out the problem. I will study the problem and try to reproduce it. I will write back in the coming days
  13. JustAnotherKiwi

    Errors 5.50

    Hello First error - when using the Outer Bets Panel, bids do not appear on the ladder. After the bid is matched, there is no Greening - column remains blank: Second error - I placed a bid, then tried to green my position, the program crashed. Could not repeat a second time. Third error - I clicked Opening Bet Panel... ...which caused this error: Also, still waiting for an answer here: I figured out the answer for myself, but it would be nice to have some info from the admin - maybe a User Guide in the forum?
  14. I have never seen such an error, can you show the conditions under which this occurs? Also, what jurisdiction are you connecting from?
  15. Поправил, попробуйте 5.50
  16. Добрый день! Вот такое окно начало выскакивать при открытии рынка после сегодняшнего обновления. Если нажать continue, то вроде все работает.
  17. Fiz a atualizção e me deparo com o seguinte erro : Bet size is invalid for your currency or your regulator.
  18. Please, try 5.49 - problem should be solved
  19. betfire does not accept bets if rounding exceeds certain values. This can only happen for bids less than the minimum or near the price of 1.01 Therefore, I will block such bets, for example, this is for the price of 1.01 from 1.59 to 1.26 inclusive. As you know, in order to bet less than the minimum for LAY, you need to make three bets through 1.01 This resulted in an error for some values. To prevent this, the minimum bet will be placed through 1.02
  20. Betfair Exchange - Change of Minimum Stake to £1 - from 7th February 2022
  21. The interface has been changed so that the answers to questions are clear 1. Can I use the program from my country? 2. how to use two-fractal authorization?
  22. Improved: Changed login interface Changed the size of the minimum bet for the pound (1 pound) Fixed: Fixed minimum bet error
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