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  1. You need to transfer the desired script to the window. Drag and drop!
  2. I can’t say exactly now, maybe the maximum number is about 200-300. But there is a limitation on the part of the exchange. It doesn't give away endless amounts of markets. So use filters! To reduce the number of markets
  3. The current version does not have the option to make a dark background. This is not possible due to the old platform I have already started working on a new version. Of course it won't happen soon, but it will happen.
  4. Open the chart and change its size to the one you need. The size will be remembered and next time it will open in the size that was saved.
  5. In the Current version, the script is inherited from an abstract class. It must necessarily implement the following methods
  6. I have adapted these scripts to new types Botbeetle.Scripts.5.53.Update.zip
  7. 2. Price/Size list You can set constant value size of bet for each price.
  8. 1. Placement a new bet: This setting determines where the new bet will appear. “Insert” - to the beginning of the list, “Add” - to the end of the list.
  9. Improved: Project was migrated to 4.8 framework Added some bet settings
  10. I have free time. If you need help writing a script, write and I will help you.
  11. 3. Breakpoint will stop processing your script, and you know what you can do next. Good luck!
  12. 2. You can make breakpoint and attach your project to botbeetle program
  13. You will write script successfully only if you will see as it work inside. Lets make break point inside script 1. Drag and drop script to market and started it
  14. Let me remind you how to connect: 1. Compile the project. and copy the resulting library to the folder ..\Documents\Botbeetle\Scripts.5.53 Best practices is set output path in properties of project. In this case you don't need to copy dll-file by manual
  15. I checked the connection of the library to the main program - everything works. The project has three class templates
  16. Project template for version 5.53 Botbeetle.Scripts.5.53.zip
  17. The error has been corrected. Please try version 1.04 When creating a subscription, you must wait about 2 minutes. After activation, the window will automatically close and the program will start
  18. The project is a little behind progress. I will transfer the project to 4.8 I will check the launch of scripts and release update 5.53
  19. Admin

    Invert ladder

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to invert the columns in the stairs
  20. Really. There is an error when turning on the 2FA mode. I'm checking. I'll make an update
  21. In the new version, there are no updates, except for the fact that the program is now available for free. The program offers a free monthly subscription with automatic renewal for both new users and those whose subscription has expired. The duration of the free version is currently undefined.
  22. To stay updated with the latest news and updates, we encourage you to subscribe to our channel. By subscribing, you will receive timely notifications about new releases, important announcements, and other relevant information. Don't miss out on any updates - subscribe today! https://t.me/+UHCXDkjscCZiMTVi
  23. MacOS users, we invite you to participate in testing the new BotBeetle program. Before being available on the App Store, the program needs to undergo beta testing. The App Store Review Team has approved testing through the TestFlight system. The Mac program does not require a subscription. You can join using the link: TestFlight If you have a MacOS device, we kindly request your participation in testing. Your feedback and opinion on this version are highly valuable to us. Please note that this is an initial version and may not have all the features found in the Windows program. Currently, it only offers a grid representation of prices. However, this is just the beginning, and the program will evolve rapidly with your help. Thank you in advance for your support and contribution to making BotBeetle for MacOS a success.
  24. Admin

    Errors 5.50

    I think, the bug of the Outer Bets Panel is fixed, try 5.51, please
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