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  1. In the new version, there are no updates, except for the fact that the program is now available for free. The program offers a free monthly subscription with automatic renewal for both new users and those whose subscription has expired. The duration of the free version is currently undefined.
  2. To stay updated with the latest news and updates, we encourage you to subscribe to our channel. By subscribing, you will receive timely notifications about new releases, important announcements, and other relevant information. Don't miss out on any updates - subscribe today! https://t.me/+UHCXDkjscCZiMTVi
  3. MacOS users, we invite you to participate in testing the new BotBeetle program. Before being available on the App Store, the program needs to undergo beta testing. The App Store Review Team has approved testing through the TestFlight system. The Mac program does not require a subscription. You can join using the link: TestFlight If you have a MacOS device, we kindly request your participation in testing. Your feedback and opinion on this version are highly valuable to us. Please note that this is an initial version and may not have all the features found in the Windows program. Currently, it only offers a grid representation of prices. However, this is just the beginning, and the program will evolve rapidly with your help. Thank you in advance for your support and contribution to making BotBeetle for MacOS a success.
  4. Admin

    Errors 5.50

    I think, the bug of the Outer Bets Panel is fixed, try 5.51, please
  5. Admin

    Errors 5.50

    Thanks for pointing out the problem. I will study the problem and try to reproduce it. I will write back in the coming days
  6. I have never seen such an error, can you show the conditions under which this occurs? Also, what jurisdiction are you connecting from?
  7. Поправил, попробуйте 5.50
  8. Please, try 5.49 - problem should be solved
  9. betfire does not accept bets if rounding exceeds certain values. This can only happen for bids less than the minimum or near the price of 1.01 Therefore, I will block such bets, for example, this is for the price of 1.01 from 1.59 to 1.26 inclusive. As you know, in order to bet less than the minimum for LAY, you need to make three bets through 1.01 This resulted in an error for some values. To prevent this, the minimum bet will be placed through 1.02
  10. Betfair Exchange - Change of Minimum Stake to £1 - from 7th February 2022
  11. The interface has been changed so that the answers to questions are clear 1. Can I use the program from my country? 2. how to use two-fractal authorization?
  12. Improved: Changed login interface Changed the size of the minimum bet for the pound (1 pound) Fixed: Fixed minimum bet error
  13. The SQL database is used to obtain historical data storage. The base is not used for trading and does not affect performance. I see an error. I'll fix it in the next update. Regarding the BET_ERROR error. Since the picture is not from this error, it is difficult to say something. If an error occurs, please try to take a screenshot. Then I can repeat this mistake if I see prices and bids.
  14. There is no difference in the program on the trial period and on the paid period Compared to other programs, botbeetle has the longest trial period of 31 days Plus, for each new version, 8 days are provided for verification. Now about mistakes
  15. Admin

    2 Step Security

    Unfortunately betfair does not have an API that allows you to do this programmatically. Therefore, you need to use the built-in browser. 1. Open the browser 2. Enter the login password 3. Enter the code
  16. Для скриптов типа MarketScript и RunnerScript можно получить полные рыночные данные стандарта betfair - MarketBook - (2) https://docs.developer.betfair.com/display/1smk3cen4v3lu3yomq5qye0ni/Betting+Type+Definitions#BettingTypeDefinitions-MarketBook Класс MarketBook находится в MarketCatalogue. Также на него можно получить доступ через RunnerCatalog -> MarketCatalogue -> MarketBook Столбик денег (5)
  17. There is also an example of a script in the project (GapRunnerScript) which constantly bets on the price gap The main difference is that the functions for working with bets (create, modify, cancel an order) have become synchronous. Functions return a result that can be processed.
  18. There are three types of empty scripts in the project
  19. Optimizing Schedule Windows
  20. По текущей версии будут правки, оптимизационные. Направление - быстрая работа, уменьшение использования памяти, упрощение интерфейса.
  21. Я сейчас немного отвлекся от программы. Изучаю Swift и SwiftUI возможно, если ничего не помешает, сделаю в течении полугода что-то тестовое для MacOS
  22. У исторических данных есть один минус - нет точного счета, поэтому можно тестировать только скрипты не связанные с точным счетом
  23. 5. Анализ Каждый рынок со ставками можно открыть и посмотреть где была выставлена и убедиться в правильности работы скрипта.
  24. Тестирование производится путем прогона через скрип всех исторических данных рынка
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