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  1. The same problem.... in verion 5.53
  2. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but the scripts are not showing... I have compiled the solution and saved the Botbeetle.Scripts.dll file in the scripts folder and the Botbeetle.Types.dll file next to the program... could you help me by favor?
  3. Incredible!! I'm really grateful. I'll be trying things with them these days.
  4. Good morning, first of all, I thank you very much for your work and your help. To start from a base and then modify my own scripts, I would like to update these scripts so that they work in the new version 5.53. Greetings and thank you in advance. SoccerAgainstOutsiderEventScript.cs SoccerCardsScript.cs
  5. Кому-нибудь удалось заставить скрипты работать в версии 5.52? Поделитесь, если да Has anyone managed to make the scripts work in version 5.52? Share if so
  6. Buenas, serías tan amable de pasarme información sobre como usar los scripts? sé programar pero no acabo de poder hacer funcionar los scripts de otras versiones, hacer los mios propios. Un saludo y gracias de antemano. Hello, would you be so kind as to give me information on how to use the scripts? I know how to program but I can't quite make the scripts from other versions work, make my own. A greeting and thanks in advance
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