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  1. This is the error in version 5.42 that disconnect program
  2. Hi Admin, in the next version I would like the connection not to close without a reason, version 5.40 does not have this problem, and I don't know if it is only a problem in the Italian market. Second thing I would like to see in the next release, is the possibility of making automatic cashout and not receiving the error that is not possible, for example a cashout that provides a back of € 10.52 is not possible for the 2 cents, or of € 1.98 because it is less than € 2. I don't know how it can solve these problems, but Italian users don't buy this fantastic software for it. I am a loyal but it is sometimes difficult to use the software and many times lost money. Thanks in advance
  3. Why I disconnected continuosly only in the 5.42 vers. In vers. 5.40 not disconnect never, program run constantly hours and hours. It's possible to fix this bug. I use betfair.it, and I appreciated to fix chart problem, and now I like to use it. Please fix
  4. So I don't understand...file is the same of posted, but I disconnected from server when I have trading in progress or not... It's possible to fix?
  5. Hello Admin, in a 5.42 version, I continuosly disconnected from betfair.it, in version 5.40 I wasn't this problem, app run correctly and continuosly for hour and hour. Thanks
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