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  1. Hi, I was trying to update to version 5.41, to see the charts, but... I have Windows 7 x64 and BotBeetle 5.40 Thanks a lot
  2. Hi, every time I click on charts I see 2/3 empty panes. What are they supposed to display? I'm using version 5.40. Thank you
  3. Ninja


    Solved. Wrong Betfair password used.?
  4. Ninja


    Hello Admin, I can't login to betfair.it anymore. It always tries to connect to betfair.com Program status is Activated. I unistalled, then installed again (5.38), to no avail. Thanks for any help
  5. Ninja


    Great! I had latest 3 versions installed. I removed all of them and reinstalled 5.37. Ladder is OK now. Charts (and ladder graphs) remain blank. Thanks a lot!
  6. Ninja


    Thanks a lot, Admin. I downloaded version 5.37 and installed it. Unfortunately, on launching, the application checked the most recent version and updated it. I also tried to remove the software and re-installed just version 5.37, but it launched again as version 5.38 (most recent). Then, I did the same procedure with version 5.36. With the same results. I keep on not viewing ladders and charts (it occurs with both APIs). Hope next version will fix these glitches. ?
  7. Ninja


    Thank you for your reply. Where can I download earlier versions?
  8. Ninja


    Hi, I've just installed BotBeetle 5.38 and am using the API Login for Italy (betfair.it). I use Windows 7. I can see the grid layout, but can't see the ladder layout: it simply appears as a blank window. Please find an example below. How can I solve it? Thank you
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