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  1. perica

    Correct hedge

    Ok, no rush, but if you could do that soon, i think that main functions in software should work flawless, ( after that comes scripts as a bonus )
  2. perica

    26.11.2018 - Version 5.24 - 4 examples

    Hi, did you add this in scripts
  3. perica

    Correct hedge

    Hi, did you correct hedging
  4. perica

    Christmas gift

    Thank you
  5. perica

    26.11.2018 - Version 5.24 - 4 examples

    correction, just saw that only in UK matches (and not all of them) we can see BSP and in one market separately, not in football schedule, so my line drops out
  6. perica

    26.11.2018 - Version 5.24 - 4 examples

    That's not entirely true, you can make script to look at BSP(betfair starting price) and say in any time in match we can determine who was favorite before match started and who is now at given time
  7. perica

    26.11.2018 - Version 5.24 - 4 examples

    I ment to the matches that already started , they are not included when we activate script
  8. perica

    26.11.2018 - Version 5.24 - 4 examples

    Also, why when we activate script, it start monitoring matches that isn't in-play yet, is it possible to start from the whole schedule ( since they are looking for result and odds at given time)
  9. perica

    26.11.2018 - Version 5.24 - 4 examples

    Hi, this is todays schedule, against winnning outsider was triggered, and now can you put any stop loss function, example if result in any time is 0-2, then we exit for less loss then if we wait for the whole match, or we can wait ( at 0-1, so we are still alive with our bet )until we exit for loss let say at 75, 80 min or any other time,yhanks
  10. perica

    Ladder suggestions

    No. 4 , in grid also, if we have unmatched bets, there is no option to see how we currently stand, how much we will loose if odds drift away from unmatched bet , fist we have to cancel those bets and then we can see where we stand
  11. perica


    ok, but how then i can place bets in grid, the whole program schouln't be working with xp and not just parts of it, shame
  12. perica


    Again I'm using ver4.8 , there all work, but in 5.24 and 5.25 NO (i didnt go to all 5+versions to check)
  13. perica


    nothing, on back side or lay side, pointer change from arrow to hand, (that i can place bets) but nothing, left clik or right same
  14. perica


    I tried ver 4.8 and works fine, maybe in those latest versions I have to activate something
  15. perica

    Decimal bets