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  1. great, but what a twist, idea was LAYiING 4th FAV and now you are BACKING 3rd FAV,
  2. Hi, what's your balance now, is it in profit or loss?
  3. Hi, interesting script, but odds are 3.0-4.0 and in that range in 5-6 loosing runs your bank is wiped out
  4. never mind, thank you once again
  5. Thanks, it worked in vers 4.8 , so everytime I have to do same steps if i want to log in with older versions, wright?
  6. Ok, i'll copy that line where?
  7. I've managed to get to this but, then what,
  8. ok, but i cant download any of those 2 versions
  9. This is when i press token beside the e button
  10. can you show me how, i cant log in with either of them ( ver 4.8)
  11. Hi, when you fix this in next ver 5.33, does it mean that we won't be able to use previous versions ( more stable ones ). Can you fix them too .
  12. Hi, my paid token is expired and I dont have that option for your gift one. Any help?
  13. perica

    Correct hedge

    Ok, no rush, but if you could do that soon, i think that main functions in software should work flawless, ( after that comes scripts as a bonus )
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