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  1. As you may have heard, LAY bets do not work below the minimum bet. (for all programs, not just botbeetle) Due to the update of the betfair API. When is BOTBEETLE expected to improve? thx
  2. Hi Admin ! I got this error message when I clicked back 0-2! This is not the first time it has happened! Version: 5.40
  3. Hi Admin ! So it looks better, it's a pity that I can't try it because unfortunately I could only pay with paypal. ☹️
  4. pacsi

    5.34 Watch List

    Ok , Thank you !
  5. pacsi

    5.34 Watch List

    Hi Admin ! I hope you have a good rest! Some comments on watch list : 1. Time zone 2. which match ? without the name of the team is not an easy choice 3. refresh the watch list After updating the list, all "tree branches" will be open . The list is very long for 8-10 matches. Thank You . Good work !
  6. OK , thank you ! it's not easy, I know , the correct score hedge is bad for many programs !
  7. pacsi

    Watch List

    Hi , thank you !
  8. Hi Admin ! Another value is calculated again in the correct score market.
  9. pacsi

    Watch List

    Hi Admin ! I hope everything is fine. Within a match I bet on multiple markets (Under / Over 2.5, CS, Match Odds etc.) and it's hard to track the actual profit / loss rate. It would be a great help, especially if you knew the hedge function, either per game or globally! And you shouldn't open many windows and calculate them manually. (And I shouldn't use the betangel for this ? Thank you in advance for your answer. Good work!
  10. pacsi

    Christmas gift

    Thank you ! Merry Christmas !
  11. Hello Admin ! Probably bad values appear in the ladder, check out the attached pictures. The two red arrows indicate the same value.
  12. Thanks for the quick response. I'm waiting for the fix, then I'll test it further.
  13. Hello Admin! Nice work! Question: Why is the difference in the red circle shown in the images?
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