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  1. patric75

    Version 5.30

    When will be available the version 5.30 with API for tennis scripts?
  2. patric75

    Tennis Script

    I think It would be useful for many people a tennis script sample like this.
  3. In version 5.25 I cannot load the same dll which one I used in version 5.24 (I changed the version number and I built it for version 5.25)
  4. patric75

    26.11.2018 - Version 5.24 - 4 examples

    Hi, the project file "Botbeetle.Scripts.csproj" contains a reference in line 59 to other project file which is missing from the package: " <ProjectReference Include="..\botbeetleTypes\Botbeetle.Types.csproj"> " Can you add this file to the package to be able to build the project? Thanks