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  1. Hello Admin! Thanks for the wonderfull news! It's great to see Botbeetle back in business again! 💪😃 Keep up the good work! 👍
  2. Hi Admin! Is it possible for you to include a kind of "translation button/option" in each post, that automaticaly translates the post in a user's selected language? For example: In this topic, there are many posts that are writen in Russian language (I supose so)... that I (and probably more users) can't absolutly understand! It would be fantastic for understanding everything that is posted here... if we could translate them in an understandable language (of our choice) with a single click. An option with a translation of the most common languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.). Big hug and thanks for understanding this suggestion/request.
  3. Big Thanks for the quick fixes! ? 5.44 is much better now!
  4. Good evening Admin and other forum users/friends! I've been testing the latests versions and now 5.43 and have found this particular "bug": The ladders changing option isn't working when we choose the 3 ladders mode view in match odds market. (See picture bellow) Can you please fix it in the next version? It's happening since version 5.39 to 5.43... in 5.38 it was OK. ? Or can you set "Home Team - Draw - Away Team" as the "default visualisation" option/method? Thanks in advance. Big hug. ?
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