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  1. Hi Andrei I've just installed Bot Beetle, and when I try to access historical data, I get the following error: Date:09/07/2021 13:50:30;Type:Exception; Text:System.Data.Entity.Core.EntityException: The underlying provider failed on Open. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 52 - Unable to locate a Local Database Runtime installation. Verify that SQL Server Express is properly installed and that the Local Database Runtime feature is enabled.) ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The system cannot find the file specified I don't have any SQL software on my computer, so I guess that is why it doesn't work. Can you confirm what (SQL) software I need to use historical data? Which database software do you recommend to work with BotBeetle? Many thanks kiwi
  2. Hi Admin It's good to see Bot Beetle getting a review, but I don't think it is fair or accurate - whoever 'reviewed' Bot beetle missed important details: * C# scripts * Chart interface * Live score for soccer and tennis, available at the top of the grid/ladder window (this is not available in some other very popular software) * Schedule windows for tennis, horses, soccer and greyhounds These features stand out from other software I use regularly on Betfair/Betdaq, and IMHO make Bot Beetle a good choice for intermediate traders (like me), and for advanced/professional users - not just beginners. It looks like someone in Caan's office tried the software for a few minutes, then wrote a review on his behalf (using images copied from your website) - Caan has a particular way of speaking and writing, and this review does not match his style. Hopefully we will see more reviews in future - maybe with screenshots/video of the reviewer actually using the software! Cheers!
  3. I deleted the Settings folder. Horse Racing in the main menu is still broken. Horse schedule works, but I'm not going to risk my money
  4. JustAnotherKiwi

    5.32 bugs

    Same problems as previous versions, maybe worse. Cancelled LAY bets show as back bets and no response from admin. If you can't fix these problems, maybe I can get a refund on my subscription???
  5. Some things have been broken since 5.25. New features are nice to have, but what about old bugs? Will these be fixed? > Log in to botbeetle > Open Horse racing market > No data, same as version 5.25, 5.26, 5.27, 5.28, 5.29... > Go to soccer market > No data > Go to tennis market > There is data!!! > Go back to soccer and horses > Now there is data...??? > Bets on the ladder cannot be cancelled - the bet does not respond to mouse clicks, and must be cancelled from the bet window. > The bet window shows cancelled bets. Cancelled Lay bets show as back bets. See photo > Sometimes bets are submitted, but do not appear on the ladder
  6. From the betfair website: Ability to place lower minimum stakes at larger prices In order to allow customers to bet to smaller stakes on longer-priced selections, an extra property has been added to our Currency Parameters – “Min Bet Payout”. As currently, bets where the backer’s stake is at and above the ‘Min Bet Size’ for the currency concerned (£2 for GBP) are valid. In addition, bets below this value are valid if the payout of the bet would be equal to or greater than the value of ‘Min Bet Payout’ - £10 for GBP. For example, a bet of £1 @ 10, or 10p @ 100 or 1p @ 1000 are all valid as they all target a payout of £10 or more. https://docs.developer.betfair.com/display/1smk3cen4v3lu3yomq5qye0ni/New+API+Release+-+8th+August+2016
  7. After login there is still no data in 5.27. I have to restart the application every time. Sound has stopped working Bets on the ladder cannot be cancelled or moved with left-mouse click-drag Scroll bars go off screen - see attached photo Dutching window - live score/progress bar does not show, unless market is in play (has to be turned off then on to show)
  8. Hello Admin Could you write a sample tennis script please? I want to automate the Break of Serve strategy, but I've just started to learn C# and I'm lost already! The (well-known) strategy: If the server or favourite is facing a break of serve, we place a lay bet If the server wins the point - the score is now 30-40 - we hedge/green for a loss If the server loses the point, we hedge/green for a profit Placing the bets - we could place a bet at the current lay price, or use a higher price (betfair will use Best Price Execution and match at the current price). WTA games usually have more breaks of serve than ATP. Is it possible to bet every time there is a break of serve? There can be a lot of games some days, maybe one bet per tennis match is safer... Cheers! using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Linq; using System.Xml.Serialization; using Botbeetle.Types.BettingEnums; using Botbeetle.Types.BettingTypes; using Botbeetle.Types.Scripts; namespace Botbeetle.Scripts { [Serializable] public class TennisEventScript : EventScript { protected override Script CreateInstanceForClone() { return new TennisEventScript(); } //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Category("1. Script")] [DisplayName("Name")] public override string Name { get; set; } = "Tennis"; [Category("1. Script")] [DisplayName("Description")] public override string Description { get; set; } = "Bet on Break of Serve"; [Browsable(false)] public override EventTypeEnum EventType { get; set; } = EventTypeEnum.Tennis; //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Category("2. Selection Markets")] [DisplayName("Type of market")] public TennisTypeEnum TennisType { get; set; } = TennisTypeEnum.WIN; [Category("2. Selection Markets")] [DisplayName("Matched Volume")] public decimal TotalMatched { get; set; } = 50000; //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Category("3. Rules For Entry")] [DisplayName("Lay Price greater than")] public decimal PriceEnter { get; set; } = 1.40M; [Category("3. Rules For Entry")] [DisplayName("Lay Price less than")] public decimal PriceEnter { get; set; } = 2.00M; [Category("3. Rules for Entry")] [DisplayName("Score equal to")] public decimal TennisScore { get; set; } = 15-40; // Score should be 0-40 or 15-40 [Category("3. Rules for Entry")] [DisplayName("Number of Sets")] // Add option here to select 1, 2 or 3 sets //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Category("4. Order Settings")] [DisplayName("Price")] public decimal Price { get; set; } = //Use the current LAY price; [Category("4. Order Settings")] [DisplayName("Order Size")] public decimal Size { get; set; } = 5; //================================================================================================== public override void UpdateEvents(List<Event> events) { // 1. I have no idea what to do here...
  9. Hi Admin, I have a few small suggestions for the ladder: 1. Weight of Money - can you make this a custom setting? For example, can the user write a script to show different Weight of Money calculations? I don't know if this is possible, but I want to try different calculations for the weight of money 2. Matched bets in volume column - this is a good feature, but sometimes I want to hide matched bets and just see the volume 3. Right Click to Move Bets - thank you for this feature, I use it frequently in horse racing markets. Can you make this work in the odds column too? 4. Green column - when I have an unmatched bet, all green columns are hidden. Can you add an option to make the column always visible? Or maybe visibility set for each ladder, not all ladders 5. Graph position - could you set graphs to be always at the bottom, or the top? Cheers!
  10. Thank you! I've downloaded from the mirror, works fine now
  11. JustAnotherKiwi

    No data

    With 5.25 there is no data in the ladder or grid (API Streaming). Restarting the application will fix this sometimes.
  12. Hi Admin Can you explain how to use scripts? I can't find a clear explanation on the forum. - Can I start the script from the ladder, grid, schedule window? I tried all, nothing works - If I write my own script, where do I save it? How do I access it from botbeetle?
  13. Bets are not showing in the ladder. Tested with 5.20 and 5.23. One-click bet is enabled Log in, open market, place bet... no bet visible on ladder Close application, delete settings folder, log in, open market, place bet... same issue I have to cancel 'invisible' bets on the betfair website
  14. Oh, the 'bug' is not in BotBeetle, it is the English language! 'Profit' and 'Payout' are similar - but on Betfair they are different: Your calculation is correct for a Profit of £10 (my maths is not good, I used a calculator!) On Betfair, Payout is Total Stake / Odds = Back or Lay Stake
  15. Hello Admin I tested the Payout mode, and I think there are errors. Lay bets use the default stake amount - I chose £10 for testing. Back bets use... liability calculation? I'm not sure. I took a screenshot using other software on Betdaq, to show the correct stake amounts. Both software use a £10 stake, in Payout mode
  16. Sure I stole this idea from other software... If you want to move a bet, you right-mouse click the price you want, and the bet will move there. If there is more than one unmatched bet, the closest bet will be moved. In the example above: If I want to move my BACK bet to 4.8, I would right-click 4.8 on the ladder If I want to move my LAY bet to 4.6, I would right-click 4.6 on the ladder If I right-click at 4.7, nothing will happen - both unmatched bets are the same distance away BotBeetle already has Stake mode and Liability mode. My suggestion is to add Payout mode (Total Stake/Odds), so if my total stake is £10, and I place a back bet at odds of 4.0, the software would place a bet of £2.50. I know I can do this already with the dutching module, but I prefer to use the ladder or grid, as it is easier to read the market and quickly select the odds I want.
  17. Hello Admin Suggestions for 5.21: Payout mode, so we can use the grid or ladder for dutching/bookmaking Right-click to move bets up or down the ladder - much quicker than 'drag and drop' that most software uses Candlestick charts next to each ladder Cheers
  18. The problem has been resolved, thank you!
  19. Hello When I first open the program, it will not change the bet size. For example, I will select a market, then change the bet size to £5 in the main window. The software still uses the default £4 stake.
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