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  1. 1. Place a bet on the draw at the beginning of the game as the game starts at 0-0 and then cash out after around 15 minutes. Options to change the cash out time but 15 mins is about the right time. This should make you about 10-15% profit if there are no goals scored. If there is a goal before the cash out time then have an option to cash out for the loss or leave the bet until there is a positive return then cash out. Next one. 2. Place a bet at around 80 minutes on the result (@80mins), the home side is winning then bet on them, if the away side is winning then bet on them and obviously if the teams are drawing then bet on the draw. At this point if any team are winning by more than one goal then the bet isn't viable, there could be an option at this point to have a minimum odds option so that if the home side favourite is losing the odds may not be worth betting on and would probably be not worthwhile. Also sometimes there are red cards involved in the decision and if the winning side are down to 10 men then this may influence whether a bet is placed or not. Hopefully Andrey, you could create this script for me and others to test and share. Many thanks, Ian.
  2. Dear Admin, Is there a location on the Forum which provides information on how to start developing external scripts and how to incorporate them into the BotBeetle .exe and include the .dll within the project. I am struggling to understand how to alter the test scripts that you have developed and include these within a new compilation. If you have more detailed documentation I would welcome reading it. Many thanks, Ian.
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