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  1. unfortunately in Italy it cannot be used
  2. I have the same problem. I reported it, but it wasn't fixed. I believe there are many of us with the same problem. Due to this problem the program cannot be used well Even if it doesn't always But it happens often
  3. nico


    Why can't I see the charts? Betfair.it
  4. nico

    Cashout mistake

  5. nico

    Cashout mistake

    Why this mistake?
  6. nico

    Cashout problem

    this is the problem
  7. nico

    Money matched

    ok, thank you
  8. nico

    Money matched

    Why don't I see the money matched? Betfair.it
  9. nico

    Cashout problem

    425/5000 good evening, there are problems with the cashout. When I select the profit on the ladder, the cashout by mistake if the amount has decimal numbers. For example in the ladder I select the desired profit, and to do this I would have to bet for example € 95.75, but it is not possible. Then I have to write a whole number by hand, for example € 96.00. This is a serious problem that should be solved. I apologize for the bad english
  10. I am testing your software and I like it very much. Is it possible to change the color of the ladder's columns ? They have to similar colors. Thanks
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