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    Hi Admin It's good to see Bot Beetle getting a review, but I don't think it is fair or accurate - whoever 'reviewed' Bot beetle missed important details: * C# scripts * Chart interface * Live score for soccer and tennis, available at the top of the grid/ladder window (this is not available in some other very popular software) * Schedule windows for tennis, horses, soccer and greyhounds These features stand out from other software I use regularly on Betfair/Betdaq, and IMHO make Bot Beetle a good choice for intermediate traders (like me), and for advanced/professional users - not just beginners. It looks like someone in Caan's office tried the software for a few minutes, then wrote a review on his behalf (using images copied from your website) - Caan has a particular way of speaking and writing, and this review does not match his style. Hopefully we will see more reviews in future - maybe with screenshots/video of the reviewer actually using the software! Cheers!
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