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    Hi Admin ! I hope you have a good rest! Some comments on watch list : 1. Time zone 2. which match ? without the name of the team is not an easy choice 3. refresh the watch list After updating the list, all "tree branches" will be open . The list is very long for 8-10 matches. Thank You . Good work !
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    Hi, When I place bet with tick offset on for example at stake 2, 1 tick offset bet goes with 1,98 stake. When i bet with stake at 1 than tick offset fires with 0,99 stake. How can i change it that i will get same stake at first bet and automatick offset. I would like to bet for example with stake 2 and get Tick offset with the same stake. Cheers
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    Understood. May be useful to someone. The error occurs if you turn on the Russian localization when starting the program. Small, non-critical error - do not worry.
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