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  1. Thanks for your interest (and time) for this idea!!. I'll continue analyze matches with these conditions and post here how change odds at match time for try select the best period and good odds for enter , unforttunely I don't have access to live odds history, only can analyze at match live.
  2. First, happy new year! and congratulations for this great job! This is my idea: [Conditions of selection] -Balanced matches (home and away > 2.30) -Line Over 2.5 < 2.10 (discard matches with tendence very under) (implement Api.soccer.selectEventbyLineGoal method) [Conditions of enter] - over 1.5@2 at min 75 and over 2.5 at min 65@5 - Total goals, equal 1. (the team that loses must attack and the one who wins can score the second on the counterattack) Thanks!