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  1. I have several scripts to markets over / under goals, I expose a case where lay enters under 2_5 but then does not enter over 1_5 Is this due to the protected runner?
  2. I suppose that you look this graphs empty because you don't have global betfair liquidity, the same happens to me with the Spanish market, my graphs are empty too.
  3. Sorry for my mistake, continue is for next iteration, I understood it bad
  4. Tnis is correct In the script SoccerAgainstOutsiderEventScript?, it should not be time > TimeStartInterval and time < TimeStopInterval?
  5. Perfect!! Another question, is possible check matches in Soccer schedule for selected events by function SelectEventByDraw?, there are checkboxes for favourite and underdog, but not for draws. I use this function in my script: var selectedEvets = Api.Soccer.SelectEventByDraw(events, DrawPrice, Side.LAY, СompareEnum.Less, TotalMatched); Thanks!!.
  6. I try to add external script made by me, I read instructions at https://wiki.botbeetle.com/project/, but when I put my library dll in <myuser>\documents\botbeetle\Scripts.5.40 and reopen app, my dll not appears. Are instructions obsolete?, Can you help me please? Thanks
  7. The stakes are changed: 1. at 75 minutes in the market over 1.5 size $ 5 (or x% balance) on Back 2. at 65 minutes on the market 2.5 size $ 2.5 (or (x/2)%balance) on Back
  8. Hello, knowing that many goals are at the end of the match would keep them until the end. Thanks!
  9. But from Spain I had always worked despite not accessing betfair.com, I think it should be the new update of betfair to the protocol tls 1.2. Now it works by logging in with username and password, but with token it does not work.
  10. Almost a month later, I have solved the livescore by logging in with username and password, with token does not work.
  11. Hello, about graphics, can only the global market be seen? Is it possible to implement the graphics according to the local specification that you have? Thank you.
  12. Thanks for your interest (and time) for this idea!!. I'll continue analyze matches with these conditions and post here how change odds at match time for try select the best period and good odds for enter , unforttunely I don't have access to live odds history, only can analyze at match live.
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