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    Full translation to pt-PT, pt-BR, es-ES Add Live Score to main window Add sound alerts to LiveScore
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    2.3. We work with selected lines. (3) Get a list of selected Runners (3.1) Check whether there is protection on the line (3.2) Check market status (3.3) Check if the price is in the specified interval. (3.4) We get the size of the bet as a percentage of the balance (3.5) We establish protection from the repeated bet (3.6) Make a bet
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    I work in a Script, this is to place a bet on OVER 0.5 at a price of 1.05 with a stake of 5 in the programming window I was trying but it seems that my code has an error since the bet is not thrown I'm not sure if I select the Market over 0.5 correctly. //=========================================AJUSTE DE ORDEN====================================================================== [Category("2. Order")] [DisplayName("Precio OVER 0.5")] public decimal OrderPrice { get; set; } = 1.05M; [Category("2. Order")] [DisplayName("Precio OVER 1.5")] public decimal OrderPrice2 { get; set; } = 1.28M; [Category("2. Order")] [DisplayName("Cantidad de Stake (10% from Balance)")] public decimal PercentSize { get { return _size; } set { if (_size == value) return; if (value <= 0 || value > 100) return; _size = value; } } private decimal _size = 5; //==============================================PARAMETROS DE SELECCIÓN=============================================================== [Category("3. Conditions of Selection")] [DisplayName("Pecio de Over 1.5")] public decimal FavPriceLay { get; set; } = 1.30M; [Category("3. Conditions of Selection")] [DisplayName("Liquidez en el mercado, mas de")] public decimal TotalMatched { get; set; } = 1000; //===============================================CONDICIONES DE ENTRADA======================================================== [Category("4. Conditions of Enter")] [DisplayName("Price BACK, less")] public decimal PriceHight { get; set; } = 1.20M; [Category("4. Conditions of Enter")] [DisplayName("Price BACK, greater")] public decimal PriceLow { get; set; } = 1.05M; public override void UpdateEvents(List<Event> events) { List<RunnerCatalog> runners = Api.Soccer.SelectFavorite(events, FavPriceLay, TotalMatched); foreach(var runner in runners) { foreach (var ev in events.Where(x => x.IsChecked)) { // 4.2. In EVENT find market "OVER_UNDER_05" var market = ev.MarketCatalogues.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Description.MarketType == "OVER_UNDER_05"); // 4.3. If not - continue if (market == null) continue; // 4.4. If Status - CLOSED if (market.Status == MarketStatus.CLOSED) { // 4.5. If EVENT Is Expanded - Collapse if (ev.IsExpanded) { ev.IsExpanded = false; Api.Collapse(ev); } continue; } // 4.6. If Status - OPEN if (market.Status == MarketStatus.OPEN) { // 4.7. Conditions of Enter for Price BACk - (PriceEnterLess < Back < PriceEnterMore) if (PriceHight > market.Runners[0].Back && market.Runners[0].Back > PriceLow) { // 4.8. We Check that we did not place order in this EVENT if (!Events.ContainsKey(ev.Id)) { // 4.9. Add EVENT to Dictionary Events.Add(ev.Id, ev); // 4.10. Write to LOG and place order Api.Log($"Event:{ev.Name}; Runner:{market.Runners[0]}; Back:{market.Runners[0].Back};"); Api.PlaceLimitOrder(runner, Side.BACK,OrderPrice,PercentSize); } } } } } }
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    Displays bets from all markets in one window. Allows hedging of markets.
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    Boa tarde Marco, Quando o botão está na posição play e você colocar uma aposta antes do evento ter inicio essa aposta vai manter-se mesmo que não correspondida quando o evento iniciar. Ex: coloca uma aposta agora num evento que vai iniciar dentro de 3 horas ou mesmo no dia de amanhã , se essa aposta não for correspondida até o evento iniciar ela se mantém até ser correspondida. Se o botão estiver na posição Stop, caso as apostas colocadas antes do evento iniciar não tenham sido correspondidas as mesmas serão eliminadas no momento em que inicia o evento. A tradução "Tipo de apostas" não está adequada. Será corrigida no próximo update. Tks.
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    After activating the subscription, you can use any version
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    First, happy new year! and congratulations for this great job! This is my idea: [Conditions of selection] -Balanced matches (home and away > 2.30) -Line Over 2.5 < 2.10 (discard matches with tendence very under) (implement Api.soccer.selectEventbyLineGoal method) [Conditions of enter] - over 1.5@2 at min 75 and over 2.5 at min 65@5 - Total goals, equal 1. (the team that loses must attack and the one who wins can score the second on the counterattack) Thanks!
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    Ссылка в проекте должна быть на версию 5.40.1
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    Тогда функция будет видна
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    1. Нужно скачать и переустановить программу, или скачать новый zip 2. В разделе скриптов лежит новая библиотека типов, ее нужно положить рядом с исполняемым файлом 3. А также заменить библиотеку в вашем проекте
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    Добавил функции удаления из окна ненужных рынков, Вот пример: Если рынок перешел в лайв, проверяем сумму денег. Меньше 5000 - удаляем из окна событие, иначе открываем тоталы. Если в тоталах нет ордеров удаляем рынок Результат на скрине public override void UpdateEvents(List<Event> events) { foreach (var liveEvent in events.Where(x=>x.MarketCatalogue.IsLive)) { if (liveEvent.MarketCatalogue.TotalMatched >= 5000) { if (liveEvent.IsExpanded == false) { Api.Expand(liveEvent); } else { var marketCatalogue = liveEvent.MarketCatalogues.FirstOrDefault(x => x.MarketBook != null && x.IsOrders == false); if (marketCatalogue != null) { Api.Delete(marketCatalogue); } } } else { Api.Delete(liveEvent); } } } Скоро перезапишу версию 5.40
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    Сейчас технически нет, чтобы понять если там ставки нужно вделать запрос по рынку.
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    Как только появится время, сделаю описание. И самая большая проблема в том что нет обратной связи по скриптам. Я не знаю что кому нужно (какие функции какие переменные). Все что сейчас сделано, сделано для самого себя 🙂. После создания активных графиков, есть много идей по сохранению истории и тестированию скриптов по истории, поиску стратегий и параметров к ним.
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    Установил 5.39 версию. Есть пару вопросов. 1. Отсутствуют звуковые эффекты (в настройках они вкл.) 2. В окне "Не принятые ставки" видно только 3 ставки (4-той ставки не видно), полоса прокрутки появляется только после 5 ставки, но и она не отображает всех ставок. (см. на рис.) 3. В этих же окнах нет возможности включить скрипт, потому что в версии 5.39 скрипта класс MarketScript не наследуется (в Botbeetle.Types нет класса MarketSkript). По этому остается и предыдущий вопрос в первом сообщении темы.
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    Чуть позже покажу как сделать скрипт и перейти на 5.39
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    Это расчетный параметр, через API не передается. Посмотрел в 34 версии его нет. В новой 39 есть Last - последняя цена Value - значение, объем
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    Only this Live information is available through api: Time (only minutes); Score Number Of Corners Number Of Red Cards Number Of Yellow Cards
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    Нашел где поправить
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    Hi , unfortunatly i can t use betfair because in a restricted area , but i can use Orbitx , it s Powered by Betfair, it s betfairs twin , same markets same liquidity and growing ...are you planing in future to make a Software that can be used on Orbitx ? https://www.orbitxch.com/customer/ kind regards
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    I am working on a new trading window. A new version will be released as soon as I test it as much as possible, and it will be more or less stable. It will look something like this:
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    4. Table size You can change the size of the table cell You can increase the width and height of the cell
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    Hello, What for is this text box (above the open bets)? In my opinion, this text is useless currently, because when place a new bet, the bet size does not reflect what's in this box, but the default bet size. Pls check it: http://prntscr.com/oqhuqu Can you you pls make sure when place a new bet, the bet size reflects what's in this box? Thnx in advance.
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    Спасибо, работает 🙂
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    Hi Admin ! I hope you have a good rest! Some comments on watch list : 1. Time zone 2. which match ? without the name of the team is not an easy choice 3. refresh the watch list After updating the list, all "tree branches" will be open . The list is very long for 8-10 matches. Thank You . Good work !
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    Hi Admin ! I hope everything is fine. Within a match I bet on multiple markets (Under / Over 2.5, CS, Match Odds etc.) and it's hard to track the actual profit / loss rate. It would be a great help, especially if you knew the hedge function, either per game or globally! And you shouldn't open many windows and calculate them manually. (And I shouldn't use the betangel for this 🙂 Thank you in advance for your answer. Good work!
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    The first example is how to make a script for tennis. The main feature is the possibility of multiple bets in one market. The strategy is very simple: - choose favorites - make bet on the favorite when he serving, - hedge when an outsider is serving. Important. This is not a winning strategy. This is an example of how to make a script for tennis, how to make multiple bets and hedge.
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    Planned to improve: Rebuild window of tennis scheduler Add API for tennis scripts
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    Thanks for your interest (and time) for this idea!!. I'll continue analyze matches with these conditions and post here how change odds at match time for try select the best period and good odds for enter , unforttunely I don't have access to live odds history, only can analyze at match live.
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    Hi, how can this be, I've made 2 lay bets and after odds drifted wanted to hege for profit but ...... -0.18, (for hedge back bet would be 0.48@42) , so 0.67-0.48=+0.19 in green not loss of 0.18.
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    2.2 We work with selected events: (2.1) check if there is score in the event (2.2) we get the total number of goals. We are only interested in matches where the score is zero (2.3) Check the match time. It should be more than set in setting. (2.4) If the event is not yet expanded, expand (2.5) and requesting only 'over_under_05' market (2.6) from the event (ev) we get only the market 'Over_Under_05' (2.7) Check the market status. If it is closed, collapse the event. If it is open, (2.9) mark the Runner 'Over' as selected.
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    2. Script execution 2.1 Event selection
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    1.4. Conditions of Enter You can set the interval in which the bet will be made, as well as set the time of the match
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    1.3. Condition of selection Standard market selection through a favorite.
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    Corrections in the system of calculating the bets of "Green".
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    Hello Admin ! Probably bad values appear in the ladder, check out the attached pictures. The two red arrows indicate the same value.
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    There is no such function yet. I'm going to add it. (After correcting "green" errors). For stop loss will be a separate update.
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    Next update, full rebuild dutching window
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    Hi, today I've opened version 5.24 and where are those colours (red, blue .....) that represent favorite, second and third one linking to the odds. I've looked with other races , same problem
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    Hi, the project file "Botbeetle.Scripts.csproj" contains a reference in line 59 to other project file which is missing from the package: " <ProjectReference Include="..\botbeetleTypes\Botbeetle.Types.csproj"> " Can you add this file to the package to be able to build the project? Thanks
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    The bot worked for three days without stopping and crashing on VPS. I restart the scripts and redistribute the balance. For the Favorite script there is a big responsibility in case of loss, therefore, I reduce the rate from 20% to 10%. For an outsider script I increase from 5% to 10%
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    Next day: 67 bets (not all were accepted)
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    Sure I stole this idea from other software... If you want to move a bet, you right-mouse click the price you want, and the bet will move there. If there is more than one unmatched bet, the closest bet will be moved. In the example above: If I want to move my BACK bet to 4.8, I would right-click 4.8 on the ladder If I want to move my LAY bet to 4.6, I would right-click 4.6 on the ladder If I right-click at 4.7, nothing will happen - both unmatched bets are the same distance away BotBeetle already has Stake mode and Liability mode. My suggestion is to add Payout mode (Total Stake/Odds), so if my total stake is £10, and I place a back bet at odds of 4.0, the software would place a bet of £2.50. I know I can do this already with the dutching module, but I prefer to use the ladder or grid, as it is easier to read the market and quickly select the odds I want.
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    Hi Admin! First of all, I would like to congratulate you on developing the program. Nice work. I've been testing for a while now, in 5.19, the following errors occurred. See the pictures below ...
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    Hello When I first open the program, it will not change the bet size. For example, I will select a market, then change the bet size to £5 in the main window. The software still uses the default £4 stake.
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